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Thank you so much for making this a clean family friendly dance recital. There were no offensive songs in the entire recital and I am so grateful to you for that. We've been to a few other dance recitals that were very disturbing with the music and dance moves young girls were doing and not to mention the un modest outfits. Also wanted to say I was impressed with the choreography and song choices it was very entertaining.

Beckie L,-Victoria, MN


"I have been very impressed with Rising Star! Thank you for being so informative to the parents, having an organized schedule, and great teachers."

Abbigail D.  Waconia, MN


At Rising Star we understand that parents are not looking for a one size fits all type of dance program.  That is why we have several different options to pick from that will fit the needs and development of your child, whether they want to enjoy a weekly recreational class or pursue competitive dance and other performance based programs.

Recreational Youth Programs:  Classes meet once a week

Just Dance for Fun-Session Classes for All Ages

Classes run in 5 to 7 week sessions during the school year and 4 week sessions during the summer.  They are perfect for beginner level students who want to see if dance is something they would be interested in.  Students receive a basic introduction to the various types of dance offered in the class they select. 
Attire: Varies by Class-see schedule for details.

Mommy & Me classes for ages 2 ½-4 are offered several times throughout the year.  Our Fairy Princess class is very popular and is a great way to spend some time with your child.  Please check our schedule for current class offerings.

Hip Hop/Jazz Mix - Boys and girls ages 7-10 will learn all the latest steps in these high energy classes. No previous dance experience is necessary. Come join the fun!

Preschool Dancemix - this popular program is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of dance. We work on developing motors skills, balance and coordination while hopping and bopping to fun music.

Dance/Tumble - get the best of both worlds at our Laketown studio. Enjoy 30 minutes of dance and 30 minutes of tumbling in one hour. We offer classes for ages 4-5, 6-8.

Private Camps & Classes - We offer private camps and classes for high school dance teams, gymnastic teams or home school students. Our team of talented instructors can work at either your location or at one of our studios. We tailor the program to your specific needs, so you walk away with your goals met. Call us today to schedule your class or camp!

Pre-School Programs: September-May 

Little Stars: Ballet (Ages 3-4)
This special program has been designed with the little dancer in mind who has not had any formal dance instruction. It is fast paced and definitely a fun way to build the necessary skills for a regular dance class. Students will learn counting to music, work on motor skills and on steps to help develop balance & coordination. Students will learn short fun routines in the beginning of the year and in February they will begin to work on the dance they will perform in the spring recital.
Attire: Leotard, Tights & Pink Ballet Shoes

Starlets: Ballet/Tap (Ages 3-5)
Our second preschool program is for students who want to explore more than one area of dance. Basic skills in ballet are taught along with basic choreography skills in formations, level changes and cannons. Tap dance is introduced to help reinforce counting to music and making musical rhythms with our feet. Now how fun is that! Students will perform a Tap dance in the recital.
Attire: Leotard, Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes & Tan Buckle Tap Shoes

School Age Programs: September - May

Shooting Stars: Ballet/Tap (Grades K-1)
This class is designed for students with little or no previous dance experience.  We start to build their dance vocabulary of basic steps, which are combined to create a fun dances with multiple formation changes.  Students will also work on learning to move in time with the music through different rhythm patterns, which sets the foundation to move forward in other areas of dance.  Students will perform both a Ballet & Tap dance in the recital. 
Attire:   Leotard, Tights, Pink Ballet & Tan Buckle Taps

Twinkling Stars Dance/Tumble (Grades K-1) NEW
This class is designed with no previous dance experience. This popular session class will now be offered as part of our regular program. Students will learn basic dance skills along with tumbling skills in class. Students will perform one dance in the recital.
Attire: Leotard or Shorts with tank top Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes

Shining Stars: Jazz/Tap (Grades 1-3)
This class is designed for students with previous dance experience that have developed good musicality skills, so they are now ready to learn Jazz dance.  We will work on isolations, body line and other skills that will prepare them for more difficult choreographic principles.  Students will perform a Jazz and Tap dance in the recital.
Attire:  Leotard, Tights, Pink Ballet, Tan Jazz and Buckle Taps

Blazing Stars: Jazz/Tap (Grades 2-4)
This class is designed for students with previous dance experience in Ballet, Tap and Jazz.  We will focus on turns, kicks and leaps.  A greater emphasis will be put on technique and proper body alignment.  Students will perform a Jazz and Tap dance in the recital.
Attire:  Leotard or Shorts with tank top Tights,Tan Jazz and Buckle Taps

Dazzling Stars: Jazz/Lyrical (Grades 3-5) NEW
This class is designed for students with previous experience in ballet or jazz dance. Students in this class will work on body isolations, musical expression as a part of their dance education. In addition, they will learn more complex steps, combinations with an emphasis on technique. 
Attire:  Leotard or Shorts with tank top Tights, Tan Jazz Shoes

Soaring Stars: Jazz/Tap (Grades 7 & up)
This class is designed for students with previous dance experience and want to continue to develop their dance skills on a recreational basis. We will work on a variety of dance styles in class.  Students will perform a Jazz/Hip Hop, Tap and Lyrical Ballet dance in the recital.
Attire:  Leotard or Shorts with tank top, Tights, Half Ballet, Tan Jazz and Buckle Taps

Hip Hop - (Grades 1-12)
Hip Hop continues to evolve into one of the most exciting dance genres of today.  Students will learn Urban style, which is a combination of popping and locking mixed with Jazz steps.  What makes this class popular with parents is we prescreen the music to make sure it is appropriate.  Students will perform 1 dance in the recital.
Attire:   T-shirt, sweatpants & Hip Hop Tennis Shoes

Jazz & Pom : (Grades 3-6)
This program will teach students the fundamentals of high kick and jazz, which is a Winter competitive sport in most local high schools. So if your child aspires to be in dance at school, this is the program you are looking for. Our instructor is certified by the Minnesota State High School League and currently coaches dance in the area.
Attire: Shorts, camisole top, tights and tan jazz shoes.

Team Programs: Grades 3 - 12

We recognize that some students are looking for something more and want to have multiple opportunities to perform throughout the dance year.   Our team programs are a perfect fit for them and are based on age and skill level.  Students receive more intensive training and learn the importance of working together as a team. For students interested in the theatre arts or dance team, these programs are designed to build the necessary skills to be successful in those types of activities.

All-Star Performance Team- Is for student’s grades 3-12, who have danced one year and want to perform without the competitive aspect. It is a great way to gain poise, confidence, and technique in a fun team atmosphere. Students will perform at community events and also at a Timberwolves game. 


Click here for the 2016 All Star Team Information

Competitive Team - Students grades 3-12 who have previous dance experience can join this program. Students will work in multiple dance genres in class developing a broad dance vocabulary.  This program requires a high level of commitment and time with three dance competitions in the spring and other community performances. Students will be grouped according to skill level. This program requires instructor approval and an audition.

* New school age students will need to attend one of our summer dance skills assessments classes before they will be placed on a line. Please call for a class schedule


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Click here for the Individual Audition Invitation


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